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Saturday, November 10, 2001

Stupidities - Vol MCCCCLX, Part II, ch. 19

Puritannia Becomes the Fourth Person of the Holy Trinity

President Bush urged the Peoples of the world, in UN assembled, to join Puritannia's fight against terrorism and warned that, he who is not with Us is against Us.

Buckle under all ye nations; the Almighty rules from Washington.


Britannia Strikes another Blow For Freefrom and Infantilism.

Home Secretary David Blunkett unveiled yet another anti-terrorism law-pack which he urged Parliament to pass without delay (or, presumably, any due and deliberate thought). According to BBC, the Home Secretary told the Commons that its "first job was to defend the public's rights and freedoms." Lest one might have wondered what freedoms those were, the secretary clarified that "the most basic right of all was the right to live in safety, free from the fear of attack."

Yes, men, "the right to be safe", to be protected, guarded, provided for and sheltered from all viscitudes of life snuggled into Big Mama's breast. But that is not all... all we wee uns have the right to be free from emotional distress, inconvenience, and any hoblgoblin we may conjure up. Goooooh.

Government certainly has a duty to protect against various evils, but to invert that into a right to be safe is a canard to make it sound as if we are gaining a freedom instead of loosing it.


More from the Hysteria Front.

Bin Laden's possible possession of or access to bio-nuclear weapons was a hot topic in most of the world's media. The only real interest here was how the story was reported.

According to CNN, Bin Laden "claimed" to have such weapons although USGOV denied it saying only that it had "credible information" Bin Laden had attempted to obtain them. CNN reported Bin Laden as saying "I wish to declare that if America used chemical or nuclear weapons against us, then we may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons. We have the weapons as a deterrent." CNN then quoted President Bush as responding, "These same terrorists are searching for weapons of mass destruction, the tools to turn their hatred into holocaust. They can be expected to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons the moment they are capable of doing so." Noting the Bin Laden had called on the US to "live and let live" CNN capped the story with another presidential quote "This is an evil man that we're dealing with, and I wouldn't put it past him to develop evil weapons to try to harm civilization as we know it."

El Pais, on the other hand, reported the story by writing simply that Bin Laden said he would use nuclear or biological weapons only if the United States used them. In other words: Bin Laden disclaimed any involvement with the anthrax mailings and went on to reassure Puritannia's denizens that he, at any rate, will NOT resort to nuclear or biological attacks.

It clearly suits neither CNN's ratings nor USGOV's enlightenment campaign to focus on the real message; but what a difference the uncluttered truth makes!


Morris Dees Fesses up to being a Govamint Steppinfetchit.

A year ago, I logged on to the Southern Poverty Law Center's web page. Bannering some quote from Martin Luther King, the home page explained that SPLC was dedicated to fighting hatred and intolerance against various minorities. The page went on to explain that, in accordance with this self-set mission, the SPLC gathered information on fringe and hate groups that espoused "views hostile to minorities and the government."

Whooooaaa, Bessie! What's this "...and the government"? It's one kettle of fish for a private group to lobby for tolerance of other private groups and, even, to keep track of those who lobby or agitate to the contrary. It's quite a different kettle of fish to combat, seek laws against, and spy on those who are "hostile" to the government.

One didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the ol Silver Platter was making the rounds again. Years back when only the federal government was prohibited from using the fruits of illegal searches and seizure, federal agents blythly laid back and let state police do the door smashing, rummaging and rousting. The evidence was then passed on to the feds on a "silver platter". Break down doors? Not us! Lordy forbid! But far be it from us to inquire where these lucious grapes got picked!"

So....ol Morris Dees was doing Stepnfetchit for the Feds. (Those old enough may recall from days when racial caricatures were not forbidden who dem dat Step-and-Fetch-It he was.) That was my hunch at any rate.

Well the other night during a CNN discussion on domestic terrorism, Dees said outright that the SPLC continued to "monitor" skinheads, militiamen, kluxers and other hate groups and "of course" the FBI "relied on us."

Don't you feel safe and freefrom, knowing that government is not only ubiquitous but hidden as well?

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