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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When being Black fails, go Gay; go Girl, Go!

It is hardly a secret that Obama had little affinity for gay causes.  What he said in '08 was at best an obligato mumbled quickly and then forgotten.  Certainly his first term saw no initiatives on the gay front until late in the game.

In October 2010, Obama announced that his attitudes on gays were "evolving" but he stopped short of reversing his opposition to gay unions.  A little under a year later, Obama's attitude had evolved sufficiently for him to sign off on abolishing restrictions on overt homosexuals in the military.  But the initiative for the change had come from the military itself and from Congress.  Obama's evolution was merely acquiesence.
At last in June 2012, the full chickadee was finally hatched. Obama called on Americans to celebrate evolving attitudes toward the homosexual community as he proclaimed June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.

My, my! But is their a missing link?  You bet.  What had changed between October 2010 and June 2012 is that Team Obama had discovered that being Black no longer worked to sucker libruls and progressives.  Not only was Obama the Oreo whose cream overflowed, his policies on all fronts had been aggressively hostile not only to gay unions but to workingmen's unions, to the sick, the old, the unemployed, the dispossessed and, last but not least, to bees and frogs around the world.

Huddle time at Camp Obambi.  Yes, the president needed some new pixie dust to toss into liberal eyes.  The "improbable story" of the Black ghetto boy acquired an unintended meaning on someone who golfed in white tassle shoes with Boehner. 

Women's issues weren't "safe" in that they were still mostly moss on the rock of reproductive rights.  And those women's issues which were not dovetailed too inconveniently with labor union rights.

Tutti Frutti Time!  And suddenly the chameleon started to talk about our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.  In his inaugural, he endorsed (albeit obliquely) gay marriage. "Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else..."

Once again, in his State of the Union Address, Obama raised the LGBT banner saying that equal rights applied "no matter who you love" and he would ensure all service members, "gay or straight," received equal benefits.

Tears of joy from the left.  Obama, the New Lincoln!  And speaking of Lincoln, doing Gay, Obama refurbishes his being Black.  Two for one!  And once again the "left" is suckered.

But Obama's real agenda remains as hostile as ever to peace, to the environment, to non-poisoned food, to civil privacy, to due process, to security in retirement, to guaranteed employment, and to affordable education and medical care.

It is truly amazing what slop a pig will eat.