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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Auto Reconquista!

La Noticia: El presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, anunció este sábado que en la cumbre que el Grupo de Río celebrará en México el lunes y martes próximos asumirá como suya la propuesta de que se cree una instancia continental sin Estados Unidos ni Canadá.

"Siguen soplando vientos de cambio en América Latina: muchos gobiernos del continente estamos planteando, yo pudiera decir incluso que la mayoría nos acompaña en esta propuesta, la creación de una organización de Estados latinoamericanos y caribeños sin Estados Unidos, sin Canadá", dijo en un discurso en Caracas.

Agregó que ésa será la línea central de su propuesta "para desprendernos definitivamente del coloniaje que Estados Unidos le impuso a este continente".

. . .

Chávez anunció que viajará a México el domingo, después de su programa dominical de radio y televisión "Aló Presidente".

Como anfitriona de la cumbre del Grupo de Río, la Cancillería de México ha anunciado que se debatirá la creación de un nuevo organismo para la región "más ágil y flexible, pero compatible" con la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), en la que está prácticamente todos los países del continente, a excepción de Cuba y Honduras, que están suspendidos.

Chávez afirmó que "este siglo es el siglo de la liberación de América Latina y del Caribe".

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El Comentario: ? Pues ya hacia falta, no?

Or in other words, since the lamentable fall of the Spanish Empire, the hispanic nations of Ibero America fell prey to the depredations of Anglo-Americans. As Spain reconquered herself from the Moors, may the hemisphere's Ibero-Indians reconquer themselves from los moros del norte

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now For the Shaft

The News: Anthem Blue Shield of California has announced rate increases of up to 39%. Similar rate increases are being imposed by other insurance companies around the United States.

The Note: Of course this comes as a total surprise. Sen. Mitch Bitch O'Connell (Retard, Ky.) is left sputtering some incoherent nonsense about how the "free market" knows whats best, really, honest, because "over the long haul" it reduces benefits... uh... costs for everyone. True to form the Demorats will fail to seize the initiative, preferring instead to allow the Tea Bag Convention in Nashville to cite the premium raises as evidence of what's wrong the Big Gubmint.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Other American

The News: "Ahmadinejad suggested in the same interview that Iran would free three jailed US hikers in exchange for Iranians held in US prisons,..... The US responded cautiously, saying... "If President Ahmadinejad's comments suggest that they are prepared to ... resolve the cases of the three hikers and other Americans in custody, we would welcome that step," Gordon Duguid, a state department spokesman, said. (ALJ)

Comment: Other Americans. What other Americans? How come we haven't heard about these other Americans? Are they less important than the three hikers? Surely the state department is seeking to negotiate the release of some drug mule? What other Americans, and what were they doing that landed them in jail?


Monday, February 1, 2010

Entrenching Full Spectrum

The News: "The US military must shift its focus to fighting a wide range of threats - from cyber attacks to terrorism - the Pentagon's 2010 draft strategy says. ... The strategy accounts for threats such as cyber attacks, global warming and "hybrid" guerrilla-style insurgencies. ... It highlights "a multiplicity of threats", including satellite and cyber attacks, as well as terrorist groups and the prospect of more nuclear-armed nations. ... But it says the military's top priority is to "prevail in today's wars", citing the need to "dismantle terrorist networks" in Afghanistan and Iraq." (BBC News [ here ] )

The Note: As reported by the Woodchip Gazette in 2002, 2003, and most recently in 2009 . full spectrum operations have been at the core of U.S. military thinking since 2001 (although it might take BBC a little time to catch on). The only difference now is that Gates is publicly entrenching the doctrine.