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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Famous Headlines

The Headline: "US Steps up Pressure on Pakistan to Do Something about Taliban"

The Note: This reminds me of another famous headline. ""President Taft sends Wire to Capt. Smith urging he contain the Flooding."




Monday, April 20, 2009

What Ahmadinejad Really Said

The News
: With virtual unanimity, the western world press reported that Iranian president Ahmadinejad had been "booed" during his address to the Durban II racism conference in Geneva, Switzerland and that his rambling comments had triggered a "mass" walkout of delegates. Most of the reports did not bother to print Ahmadinejad's speech in any significant measure other than to state that he had "attacked" Israel and "denied the Holocaust."

The Note: It is truly amazing how the western world press simply lies through its teeth. As anyone can see from the Youtube clips on the net, Ahmadinejad was applauded by the delegates and if there was booing it was directed at the U.S., U.K., French, German and Polish walkouts.

Ahmadinejad did attack Israel and what he scored as the zionist colonial agenda. But he did not deny the genocide of European Jewry and in fact implicitly admitted it by stating that that tragic event had been misused as an excuse for oppression of Palestinians.

Most of the Iranian president's remarks were not directed at Zionism, but at a post-world capitalist world order which he criticised as oppressive, unjust and not in accord with humanitarian principles or God's will for Man. He called for abolition of the Security Council veto held by the so=called "great powers". The official text of the remarks are [ here ]


Monday, April 13, 2009

U.S. proves it is still Tops in Escalating Things Beyond Control

The News: During negotiations for the release of a pirate-held hostage, U.S. Navy Seals attacked the pirate vessel, killed three pirates and freed the Capt. Phillips who had given himself in ransom for his crew. Back home, the media waves were filled with cheering, boasting, grunting and various forms of chest thumping in the celebration of the country's daring, toughness and invincibility.

The Note: Great. The U.S. has now managed to escalate another asymmetrical situation which it will not be able to win in the end. But we can delight and bankrupt ourselves blowing up and laying waste to yet another region of the world.

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