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Saturday, November 7, 2009

What Happens when Quisling Gives Up?

The News:
Commenting on the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas's pre-emptive resignation, Danny Alayon, Israel's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, commented, "We don't interfere in others' internal affairs... But it is evident that Israel and the United States are interested in a Palestinian leadership that is responsible and pragmatic." Not interfering, of course, Israeli president Shimon Peres called Abbas a day before his announcement and tried to persuade him to change his mind. Haaretz reported him as telling Abbas, "If you leave, the Palestinians would lose their chance for an independent state."

The Note: It is evident that Israel and its tag-along are interested in a Facade that will allow the de-facto annexation of the West Bank under the pretence of supervised Palestinian autonomy pending some eventual hologram of statehood. Ersatz Palestine within Eretz Israel.

Endless negotiations with a Steppinfechit, a Quisling, a propped-up nobody, is the slow but convenient "road map" to this end. The alternative would be another frank military onslaught which would expose to the world the murderous kernel of zionism. And what then? Who would play the counterpart? Surely somebody; someone depraved enough to assume the mantle of Quisling of Rubble. Doesn't sell very well, does it ? No no... the strategy is too risky. Better an abetting Abbas who will play Israel's game of drip drip drip until the world tires of the whole damn affair and let's Israel have the whole matzoh.

No doubt, there are those in Israel -- in the General Staff and on Jew-Only Roads -- who relish this turn of events. This Land is My Land is their Marseilles. But cooler, craftier heads will be racking their brains figuring out how to massage the denouement.

The contours are obvious. After having made it impossible to negotiate, the wail will go up that Earnest Israel has no one to negotiate with on the Perfidious Palestinian side. Anyone who wants a foretaste of what this song will sound like has but to listen to Bibi's self-commiserating aria at the U.N. "We have tried, and tried and tried, but what can we do....?"

The only thing more nauseating will be the sounds emanating from the inner partner on Israel's couch.