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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Report: Israel Used Dangerous Experimental Weapon in Gaza Attacks

Meanwhile, the Israeli military is facing accusations its used an experimental weapon during recent attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. The Italian television station RAI reports the weapons have led to abnormally serious physical injuries, including amputated limbs and severe burns. The report was produced by the same journalists that exposed the US used phosphorous as an offensive weapon during attacks on Fallujah. The weapon is believed to be similar to the US-made Dense Inert Metal Explosive, or DIME. In addition to inflicting major shrapnel wounds, the weapon is believed to be highly carcinogenic and harmful to the environment.

UN: Israeli Checkpoints Increase 40% in West Bank

Meanwhile in the West Bank, a UN aid agency is reporting Israeli military checkpoints around Palestinian towns have grown by nearly forty percent over the past year. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says there are now more than five hundred and twenty checkpoints and obstacles around the West Bank, causing severe disruption to Palestinian life. The news comes on the heels of recent developments showing Israel is also expanding its settlements. Last month, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert authorized the construction of nearly 700 new homes in settlements on the West Bank.

The Note: Repugnance rules. The narcosis-media does not report much on DIME and even DemocracyNow, doesn't quite get the sado-satanic picture. DIME weapons produce microscopic shrapnel. Because of that, surgeons will not detect the wound which will go on infecting and destroying organs under the bandages so to speak. Even if doctors do suspect DIME shrapnel it is almost impossible to pick out the pieces because they are so small. It's much like being shredded from within.

What kind of non-human intelligence would invent such a thing? What kind of sub-human villain would use it? Meanwhile, ever bewailing its pathetic victim hood, Israel is slowly turning the West Bank into history's biggest concentration camp. It will do so by dripping, degrees so that people become inured even if they notice. But the end is known.

Neither Israel nor its whore-maiden are long for the historical stage. They will go the way of all corrupt and cruel arrogant powers. They will not be missed.

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