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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Senator Simpson and Bovine Body Parts

Social Security hatchet-man and former Senator Alan Simpson, co-chair of Obambi's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, has compared social security to a “milk cow with 310 million tits” [ here ].

We would rather be 1 of 310 million tits than a bovine asshole.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obambi Tuffs it Out.

Typical Obambi. After careful waiting to see if Michael Bloomberg could "get away with" defending the First Amendment, the Prez. weighs in. Then, at the slightest wiff of opposition (oh, surprise!) he backs off.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Pyrrhic Obamacrat Victory

With evident glee, the New York Times reported that Michael Bennett, the "Obama-backed" candidate in the Colorado Democratic Senate primary, had won out over the progressive challenger, Andrew Romanoff.

Minimizing the divide within the Democratic Party, the Times relegated the Romanoff challenge to an inference and reported only that Bennett "reached out to Mr. Romanoff’s supporters, saying that he would work hard to prove himself worthy of their support, but that in the end the things that divided Democrats were small compared with the issues that would be discussed in the coming midterm elections."

In other words, once again Obama backed a blue dog Democrat and once again the Democratic Party establishment "reached out" to progressives by telling them that they were caught between a rock and a hard place.

Actually the divisions between progressives and sell-out Democrats are hardly "small". Obamacrats are basically Blue Dogs that talk the talk but walk another walk. It is simply another form of double-talk.

The Republican double talk is to talk about "individual freedom" where "individual" really means "corporation". The Obamacrat double talk is to talk about "individual welfare" where "individual" really means "corporation". Both parties are willing to feed the country into the corporate maw with the promise that the remains of country will trickle back down on us.

Obama has produced nothing on the progressive agenda, except sell out and defeat labelled "compromises" and "first steps".

Romanoff had virtually no money and lots to say. Bennett had nothing to say but lots of money. In the end money won out. “It is long past time to cast off the do-nothing, divisive politics of the past and get to work,” Mr. Bennet said. Yawn. It is long past time to cast OUT the do-nothing politicians of the past and get to work saving America for the American people.

What Romanoff stands for; What the Times did not report; What Obamacrats reject:> [here ] .

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Disconnects Redux

Needless to say, the press was aghast at Michelle Obama's extravagant vacation to Spain, topped off by a visit with the Royal Family at their summer palace on Mallorca. We will not add to cacophony except to say that Eleanor Roosevelt had the better idea.

The Democrats are running scared. It finally seems to have percolated into their sorry brains that they cannot win the November elections without their, by now, thoroughly disaffected progressive base. So President Obambi, discards his consensual and reasoned academic tone for displays of "hold-me-back!" pugnacity. It is worthy of Vaudeville. Only Vaudeville rang truer.

How is it possible for Michelle Obama to galavant off to the Costa del Sol when America's industrial base is gutted, when real unemployment has reached 17%-20% and when so many homes have been foreclosed on that the banks are hiding the trust deeds in their basements?

It is possible because no party in Washington really gives a damn about the working class. Apart from Obambi doing Rocky, the real talk in Washington is all about austerity, "flat" and jobless "recoveries" and structural readjusment to accept the "reality" of 10 percent permanent unemployment while corporate profits are mysteriously up and the HinWis are making out like the scumbag bandits they are. If the First Lady parties with high net worth individuals it is because that is where her priorities lie. And it is worth remembering that it was another HinWi -- the Democrat Senator Feinstein -- who said the other week that extending unemployment benefits encouraged laziness.

Neither Franklin nor Eleanor had much of any idea of what to do about the Depression; and, to this day, it is argued that nothing they did do really pulled the country out of the economic morass into which it had fallen. But said FDR, "We must be seen to do something!!" And what he made sure was that everyone saw that the something which was being done was something to help the UnWis -- the great un-worthies among the rest of us. For that they are remembered fondly. For their despicable indifference Obama and his 'Crats merit nothing but opprobrium.

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