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Monday, November 21, 2005

PBS has trouble understanding The Policy

The News: PBS palaverer, David Brooks says: "No, that is ridiculous. And everyone I spoke to today was infuriated by the White House response and can't understand, by the way, why the White House can't explain their policy.

"You know, I had somebody who was on the ground there risking his life saying: Why are they AWOL on the home front; why can't they have a realistic explanation of what is going on here? Why instead are they attacking bitterly the people that are raising legitimate criticisms?

"Nobody should be questioning Jack Murtha as a person, as a figure of integrity. The problem with Murtha's speech is that nowhere in the speech does he actually consider what the consequences of withdrawal would be. There is no discussion of what Iraq would look like. There is no discussion of what the Middle East would look like, or what Zarqawi would look like."

The Note: Duh... The White House can't explain its policy because it has no "policy" you jackass. Plunder and Destroy is not a policy.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Cryptic Confession within the Mea Culpa

The News: The New York Times offers the following -- "While this page was completely wrong in our presumption that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, we - and virtually everyone outside the Bush administration - warned about this danger from the beginning."

The Note: Huh? Presumption? Presumption, you say? Okay.... How do you "warn" about a presumption? So the New York Times admits not only to being wrong about its "presumption" but to urging war based on presumption. Wouldn't it be easier just to call them "bastards" and bomb them on that basis? Nice, the way they hide the real confession within the nostra culpa. What a loathsome rag.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

L'echo du Likud

The News:

The Note: Listening to Sarkozy it is hard not to hear the inimitable voice of the Likud. "Scum" "pressure blast" them out and deport them. Is it mere coincidence? It is clear that the protestors see him as the provocateur. So does the Conference of Bishops. The Left goes further and accuses zio-con "agents" of instigating the riots. At this point I would not put anything past Israel and its ziocons. But even assuming that no agents were at work, Sarkozy's talk and actions have all the "what me?" innocence of Sharon's tourism on the Temple Mount.

What do Sarkozy's masters want? To discredit Chirac's non-support of the Irak invasion, and to subvert liberties further by installing a "counter-terrorist" government in France; ie. one favorable to Israel, racially oppressive against "arabs" (the Jews equivalent to the Nazi's Jews) and, and, of course, hostile to anywone who looks askance at Jewish lies.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Perverse Muslims Reject Bush Charity Initiative

The News: A U.S.-backed Mideast democracy and development summit ended in rancor Saturday despite adoption of two initiatives that are part of President Bush's push to expand political freedom in a region dominated by monarchies and effective single-party rule.

A draft declaration on democratic and economic principles was scuttled after Egypt insisted on language that would have given Arab governments greater control over charitable and good-government organizations . . . Many Middle East nations are wary of Bush's second-term democracy agenda in the region, and some organizations the administration has tried to engage are reluctant to take State Department funding.

U.S. officials said the sticking point was a passage that pledged "to expand democratic practices, to enlarge participation in political and public life and to foster the roles of civil society, including NGOs," and to widen women's political and economic participation.

Egypt wanted the statement to stipulate that non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, be "legally registered," under each country's laws, a requirement that U.S. officials said would defeat the purpose of the statement. Egyptian delegates left the gathering early, after discussions on the final statement broke off.

Non-governmental organizations is a term used by the State Department and others to describe both humanitarian aid organizations such as the Red Cross and lesser known groups that promote social and political agendas.

The Note: Actually, Them-Crazy-Muslim resistance becomes very understandable once it is recognized that "NGO" is a term used by the State Department to describe infiltrating US wedge organizations that do Fifth Column work. The only people unaware of this are denizens of the US who are fed newspap like that quotes.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Them Belligerent Ayraps

The News: U.S. papers have been carrying photos of outrage demonstrations in Jordan in reaction to the hotel bombings. The first photo was a close up of 4-5 men shooting with their fists raised in the air. But from the slice of background one could tell that it was a smallish group of no more than 15 in some parking lot. The second foto (this AM on CNN) was also a close up, of a smallish group, most of whom were obscured by a professionally drawn sign that said "JORDAN'S 9/11". A well-dressed, well-coiffed middle aged woman with a professionally painted Jordanian flag on her face stood adjacent to the sign. Although the "group" looked rather tranquil, the headline read "Hotel Bombs Spark Fury in Jordan"

The Note: Such contrived bullshit.

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