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Friday, September 30, 2005

A New Mutant Strain of Doubletalk

The News: "This is not some grassroots coalition of national resistance, these are barbaric killers who want to provoke nothing less than a full-scale war among Muslims across the entire Middle East," Condoleeza Rice said during a delivery at Princeton University. (BBC)

The Note: I think we have a new mutant strain of double-talk here that goes beyond the 180 Rule. Hitherto, in order to ascertain the truth of the matter, it has proved useful to take any denial or affimation by the U.S. Government and invert it 180 degrees. If the government said that "there was no danger" of an outbreak of mad cow disease, one could count on the truth being exactly the opposite. Under this Rule, Rice's statement would mean that the alleged terrorist are a grass root national resistance and are not barbaric killers that want to inflame a Muslim civil war.

But these days, the 180 Rule no longer serves produces the truth of the matter which is: that it is the US that is the barbaric killer which wants to inflame an intra muslim war. How do we know this to be the case?

We know because it was revealed, in the non-embedded media, that the two British soldiers, disguised as civilians, were recently arrested carrying concealed bombs. What this means is that it is our "coalition" which is planting bombs and if so, that can only be with the aim of stirring up chaos.

The policy makes perverted sense. After all the more there is chaos the more it is necessary for the US to engage in its "constabulary" actions abroad and police state measures at home. Shit is too good a word for this government.

But what this analysis shows is that Rule of 180 no longer works to calculate the truth of the matter. The truth here was not simply the opposite of what was asserted but rather that what we said about them was really a confession about our own motives, intents and acts. We need a new rule: The Rule of Reflection: The Accusation is the Confession

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

American Cabaret

The News:
A U.S. immigration judge has ruled Cuban exile Luis Posada Carriles won't be deported to Cuba or Venezuela where he is wanted for his role in blowing up a Cuban jetliner in 1976 killing 73 people. The former CIA operative has spent four decades trying to destabilize and overthrow the Cuban government through assassination attempts and bombings. He has been in US custody since May after he illegally entered the country. Venezuela had asked that he be extradited to stand trial.

On Tuesday the immigration judge ruled that Posada would not be deported to either country because of the possibility that he would be tortured there. The Convention Against Torture act prohibits the United States from deporting someone to a country where they could be tortured. Venezuela condemned the decision. The judge's decision has not ruled out the removal of Posada to another country. (DemocracyNow.Org)

The Note: All dictatorships ooze a sludge of black humour, with their own official pronouncements often the most grimarious. The United States is no exception.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New PBS Chief Brings Added Slant

The News: Longtime Republican fundraiser Cheryl Halpern has become the new chair of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, replacing Kenneth Tomlinson whose two-year term had ended. Tomlinson remains on the board. Before President Bush appointed Halpern to the CPB in 2002, she served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors overseeing such government-funded media projects as Voice of America, Radio Marti in Cuba and Radio Free Iraq. She is the former national chair of the Republican Jewish Coalition. She has accused National Public Radio of being biased against Israel. Like her predecessor, Kenneth Tomlinson, Halpern has also criticized the journalism of Bill Moyers. Two years ago she publicly agreed with Senator Trent Lott's comment that Moyers is "the most partisan and nonobjective person I know in media of any kind." The website PoliticalMoneyLine.com reports she has given over $300,000 in political contributions in recent years almost all to Republicans. Recipients have included President Bush, Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi and Sam Brownback of Kansas. The group Common Cause warned Monday that the selection of Halpern may "mean more politicizing for public broadcasting." (Democracy Now.Org)

The Note: As if... PBS can't even publish a map of the Zionist takeover. But once again this shows how "the tribe" seeks to infiltrate and control. The two prongs are 1) using all media means to keep the "holocaust" in people's faces constantly (aka "keep the memory of the holocaust alive" and other such phrases) and 2) hollering "anti semitism" at the drop of a pin ...or even less. In fact, even less, because the aim is really no more than to bludgeon people and keep them afraid of saying anything against Jews, critical of Jews .... in fact about Jews at all unless it is told to them from Jewish controlled megaphones. "We'll tell you what you need to think about Jews."

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Talent We could Use

The News: Lafontaine and Gysi spent the three months leading up to the election doing what they do best: drumming up support. Lafontaine, who has a unique talent for turning speeches into tirades, has called the German republic a "madhouse" and dubbed Schröder's program of reforms, Agenda 2010, "idiotic." Gysi, a native of East Berlin, has a way of sneaking up on voters with a mixture of mischievousness, wit, and humor... (Der Spiegel)


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