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Saturday, July 29, 2006

They all just hate us

The News:
Visiting Russian Chavez called the United States "a mindless, blind and stupid giant that does not understand the world, does not understand human rights, does not understand anything in humanism, culture and consciousness."

Ivan Safranchuk, head of the Moscow bureau of the Center for Defense Information, a U.S. think tank, said such outbursts by Chavez fitted well with growing anti-American sentiments among Kremlin officials. "Venezuela will serve Russia well by slamming the United States in the United Nations Security Council, using words Moscow will like but would not want to utter itself," Safranchuk said.

The Note: Ivan would do better to ask why Moscow feels that way.

©WCG, 2006

A Forthright Reply

The Note: Mexican Newspaper founder replies to Israel's Demand for an apology.

"Mr. Amabassador of Israel in Mexico, David Dadonn. With regard to the open letter signed by a group of Mexicans in which we aksed for the suspension of agression by Israel against Lebanon, You have publically denounced us as terrorist and have demanded that we retract.

"It happens, Mr. Ambassador, that during the Holocaust there was a crime of commission by the Nazis as well as a crime of ommission by all those others who guarded their silence in face of that atrocity.

"For my part, I shall not incur into the crime of omission. I will not guard my silence in face of what I consider to be sistematic slaughter perpetrated by the State of Israel. The Jewish people have a right to live. So too do the Lebanese and Palestinians."

/s/ (without the usual protestations). [ here ]

The Note: -- WooooooHoooooo Hoooooo . Alguien sabe como mandarlos a la chingada.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Yes - We have No Delusions

The News: A State Department group will urge the Bush administration to begin preparing for an intervention in the event of the death of President Fidel Castro. The group, the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, was created by President Bush three years ago. Their recommendations include creating an $80 million dollar fund to promote US initiatives in Cuba. An annex to the report lists several proposals on how the Bush administration could undermine Castro’s government. Cuban parliamentarian Ricardo Alarcon likened the report to a declaration of war. ( The Independent.)

The Note: Needless to say, the initiatives will be a total success and earn us admiring plaudits from the rest of the world.

©WCG, 2006

Despicable Depravity

The News: The New York Times reports that US forces plan to bulldoze several blocks in the middle of the city of Ramadi and convert them into a new “Green Zone” similar to the US command area in Baghdad. Lt. Col. Stephen Neary said some of the razed land will be turned into a park. He added: "Aesthetically it will be an improvement." The military is engaged in a large scale operation in Ramadi that has already led to the flight of thousands of residents. According to the Times, one poster displayed in the local US base reads: “Be polite, be professional and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Another poster refers to the name of the military unit and says: "Kilo Company: Killed more people than cancer."

The Note: Despicable.

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