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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Defeating the Peace Process

The News: Israel has resumed construction of one of the most controversial parts of its separation barrier in the West Bank - deep inside the occupied territory. The attorney general approved the work near Ariel settlement on Monday, four months after a court order halted it. Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei accused Israel of bad faith by resuming construction during ceasefire talks. - (BBC)

The Note: One was wondering how they were going to derail the peace process. Of course they had to make happy at the demise of the evil peace-wrecking Arafat. And they had to make even happier at the election of a man who by any standard is a quisling to Israeli interests. Ah ... but ach mein Gott, this might lead back to the route to peace. So at first, Sharon states that although it is wonderful Abu Baba got elected the "important thing" is the "attitude on the street" -- in other words will the average Palestinian start to feel love in his heart for the Jew ? -- and, more important still, will Hamas stop throwing bombs. No doubt, Sharon was pleased with himself, seeing as the imminent likelihood of either event was about as great as that of the Second Coming. But lo! In the past few days, Abu Baba has reached an agreement with Hamas to stop bombing. Ach! Gott... now vee really muss begin zu vorry. So... they resume building a contested part of the wall. What a slimy bunch of earth slugs.

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