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Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Misprint !

The News
: It was announced today (18 October 2007)that AeroMexico had been sold at auction to the Barrazas business group at Banamex (Mexico's Pseudo National Bank). A "misprint" in the auction rules resulted in other bidders' bids being placed two minutes past the deadline and therefore disqualified. Grupo Barrazas had been a major financial supporter of Quisiling Calderon's bid for the presidency which itself was put on auction last year, although the bid amount was not disclosed until today.

The Note: This reminds me of the scene from I Claudius, in which Tiberius and his astrologer break into uncontrollable laughter upon being told that Marcellus died in a "boating accident".

Banamex is owned by Citigroup which is no doubt overjoyed with Mexico's new found democracy.

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