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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton's False Promise

The Speech:
"Making change is not about what you believe,” Hillary Clinton said. “It’s not about a speech you make. It is about working hard.” And in a direct attack on Mr. Obama’s theme of inspiring hope in Americans — and perhaps on Mr. Edwards’s many promises of reforming government — she said, “We don’t need to be raising the false hopes of our country about what can be delivered.”

The Translation: Hillary will work for that kind of change that does not involve delivering more than the system currently delivers.

Lesseee.... take health care. At present it is a private-for-profit business, the lion share of costs (in your premiums and cost of treatment) goes to pay insurance companies. There is NO dispute as to that core fact by anyone. So...... Edwards and Obama propose a modest change by (1) requiring everyone to buy private insurance, and by providing some measure of government help for those who can’t afford it; i.e. extend a bad system to everyone in the hope it will somehow work better that way. There is virtually no regulation of the medical/insurance industry. No cap on premiums, no requirements as to what has to be covered, and so on. It is a very very very very modest proposal that some might rightly call bullshit. But for Hillary this minimalist “reform” is a false promise of what can be delivered. What can be delivered then? Nothing.

One can only wonder what is too much to expect concerning planet-survival (the "environment") Iraq and homeland liberty ("Patriot Act")

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