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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top Two Percent seeking to Gun Down Social Security & Medicare

The Top Two percent that own this country are gunning for your medicare and social security, the New York Times inadvertently disclosed today.

As has been widely reported, Obama’s Budget Deficit Commission, chaired by Erskin Bowles and Alan (“Cow Tit”) Simpson, has recommended a variety of “cut backs,” “rate holds” and changes to Social Security in order to balance the budget by 2030. (Simpson, it will be remembered, was the jackass who denigrated Social Security as a “cow with 300 million tits.” ) However, the reportage on the Commission's “findings” and recommendations has been somewhat on the vague side, giving the general impression that whatever cut backs to Social Security were envisioned they were something way off in the distance...nothing to worry about ... not to worry.

Not so. Today the New York Times ran a budget balancing interactive which allowed viewers to try their own hand at appeasing the Balanced Budget gorgon. Inadvertently, the Times let slip what the ruling class has in mind for the rest of us. Summarizing the “options” that are on the table the Times disclosed the following proposal:

Proposal: Raise the Social Security Retirement Age to 68 or, even better yet, 70.

"The increase in longevity has caused some to favor higher eligibility ages for Social Security. This option would gradually raised the age from the currently planned 67 to 68. "

Proposal: Increase Medicare eligibility age to 68 (and make people buy private insurance)

“...Americans who are living longer ...should work longer...” after all “the new health care bill will allow people in their late 60s ...to buy a policy through an exchange..”

Proposal: Reduce Social Security benefits for those with high incomes.

“Under this option workers below the 60th percentile of life time earnings would continue to have their retirement over time....” Workers “just above the 60th percentile” would have their
retirement benefits cut.

Proposal: Tighten eligibility for disability.

Hey! If you got only one leg, you can still shine shoes!

Proposal: Cap Medicare Growth starting in 2013

“...among other things this would crack down on many hospitals and doctors with the highest costs...” And among the other things...?

In other words the Top Two percent who plunder the country and its workers in order to fatten their bulging pockets want to impoverish you further in the name of a balanced budget that will only benefit financial speculators.

The Top Two percent working through their Republican Puppet Party and Fauxbama want you to work until you drop and while you do pay more, and more, and more, to fatten the coffers of “insurance” companies that pull the plug on you when you fall ill. And if you do survive at 70, they still want to cut your benefits. Sixtieth percentile? It goes like this
0 ----|50|--60----2-100
In plain English, the plan is to reduce benefits for everyone who is not destitute and living out of a car at a Walmart parking lot.

The French took the streets in face of such proposals, so should Americans. Very loud and very clear.