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Friday, February 10, 2012

Teapot Tempest

As if the American political vaudeville were not DaDa enough, the president has now deftly managed to stir up a teapot tempest over the Sanctity of Flow.

Let the starting point be clear. Having thoroughly betrayed every intimation of progressive change he puff talked in 2008, Wall Street's Mr. Fetch n' Shuffle is now trying to curry favor with those same progressives by frantically scrounging up whatever chicken feed he can find to throw at them. Thus, last year's uptick in Veteran's benefits and minimalist pseudo relief on student indebtedness and this month's Bank Immunity Act paid for by nominal foreclosure relief for a the qualifying few. Given these Herculean efforts in the cause of Progressivism, it was hardly surprising that Obama should now scrounge up free morning after pills for women working at Catholic hospitals. What cheaper way to appear the valiant progressive ever forging onwards in the fight for full and equal validation for women?

But in his eagerness to appear progressive, Obama forgot that, when it comes to crumbs from the table, no one excells the Roman Catholic Church.

No sooner had Obama pronounced than Cardinal Dolan pounced. And, from the looks of it, when Dolan pounces the floor boards tremble. To high hoist was the Banner of Freedom run up amid roars about the Sanctity of Conscience and Life's Natural Flow.

To be fair about it, the Catholic Church's sexual doctrine is not quite the monstruousity it is made out to be by its liberal opponents who wax and roar indignant over any embarrassment to the Sanctity of Personal Pleasure or to the Equal Right of Womyn to Sex without Consequences. The Church's doctrine is grounded in an existential world view that prizes the full spectrum of life as sacred, from the alpha to the omega. That may be overly philosophical for some, but it is a fully respectable position which is by no means exclusively Catholic.

The Church's hypocricy, equal to Obama's, is that it calls for Jihad over minute alphas while contenting itself with pro-forma "position papers" on the omegas. Where were the cardinals when Romney gallically shrugged off the poor with the remark, n'ont pas les pauvres de brioche?

Where is the Church's outrage over the millions who don't have health insurance at all and over the 40 millions of now structurally unemployed and homeless? It is all well and good to trumpet the sanctity of life, but that does not end with sperm, it continues on with what the Church itself calls God's preferential option for the poor. (See Luke 1:46-55)

Ever being fair, the outrcry was not raised only by the Church. "We are all Catholics now," intoned Mike Huckabee, the Baptist politico of the last electoral season. Alas, no rabbi echoed the sentiment. Au contraire. "Not us! Not us!" cried the High Priests of 42nd Street, who studiously buried mention of the fact that equally irredentist and conservative Jews had joined the chorus of protest. After all, in the New York Time's liberal cosmology of things the Catholic Church is the bete to be beaten even if Jews or others indulge the same passions or beliefs.

Be since we are all Catholics now or since only Catholics are dastardly enough to protest against Obama's chicken feed, we can safely cast the issue as a fight to the finish between between the Administration and the American Conference of Catholic Bishops.

What we have been treated to in the end is nothing but a colossal mud wrestle over a peanut by two sumi wrestlers larded with hypocricy.

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