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Friday, October 11, 2013

More From the Hologram Department

An illusory progressive president being embattled by an illusory grass roots reaction and now... just when you think you've had enough of holograms... an illusory arrival of the dead.

Turns out that all those solemn, tear-jerking, closure-enabling ceremonies honouring our returned fallen were ... "The Big Lie" ... as it is called by the troops detailed to carry the coffins.  The Pentagon prefers to speak of "symbolism." [NBC]  [Daily Mail]

In all events, transports on the tarmac, fluttering flags in the wind, chaplains in waiting, reverent spectators at a distance, the coffins were empty.

Gee... makes one wonder.  Do you suppose the Resurrection was a "symbolic" ceremony as well? 

"The Departure" by Piandello

Who knows...