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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Wilted Rose of Foggy Bottom

Secretary of State John Kerry announced today that it was "reality check time" as the "Israeli-Palestine Peace-Process" collapsed for the 647th time.    As moderate members of Benjamin Netanyahoo's called for a cessation of negotiations,  Kerry's spokesman said the Secretary was "willing to walk away."

this is what you look like after
Gutterpunk Bibi hands you your ass
on a platter.

If anyone ever wondered why some lawyers can command $500.00 an hour and up, they only had to look at James Baker III in action in November 2000.  His performances were amazing.

Baker wonderfully combined an aura of melodious righteousness, forbearance and threat to which he added dashes of fleeting fury as called for an end to "endless" recounts which were, he said in feigned bewildered incredulity, damaging our country.  And that was the public face.

No doubt, behind the curtains the brass knuckles were out as he barked commands and chewed-out legal team leaders who in turn chewed out and barked at their assistants who in turn leaned on grunt lawyers and para-legals to come up with more cases and statutes at 4 a.m. while Baker continued strategizing with high level partners in the game. 

The result, for the good of the country, is well known. But the point here is that on one in his right mind would want to meet up with James Baker in a legal dark alley.

And yet, when it came to the Middle East -- to Israel and Palestine -- not even James Baker III could work his usual magic.

Nevetheless, striding forward where better men have fallen, John Kerry was convinced that he could finally break the 50 year impasse in what has become the greatest diplomatic joke in 2000 years - the "Middle East Peace Process."

It seems never to have occurred to Kerry that Israel has taken its cue from Scheherazade (a Persian, no less) and her death postponing tales of 1001 Arabian Nights.

And so it was that as that last chapter in the peace process drew to a close, Israel came up with a new begining (that is to say, a new "outrage" or stumbling block  as a result of which it "could only" take an action or announce a precondition which was bound to provoke the "other side" into refusals or preconditions of its own in saecula saeculorum to borrow a phrase.)

It was barely Spring when the Rose of Foggy Bottom wilted