• "God invented war so Americans could learn geography" -- Mark Twain.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The American Disconnect

The Sotloff family released a statement today in response to the brutal beheading of their son by ISIS warriors.

The statement was touching in its unadorned recitals of Mr. Sotloff’s life and in its reaffirmation to emerge from the ordeal of his death without fear.

The loss of a parent or child is the most grievous loss humans can suffer and the anguish of seeing a son cruelly beheaded is impossible to fathom.  No one can begrudge the Sotloff family anything.

We were, however, struck by the following portion of the family’s statement:
"We Americans want to tend to our own lives, work our jobs, farm our farms.   But time and time again, we are sucked into world crises and often perplexed about which policies to pursue and criticised for what we choose."

This statement represents a complete disconnect from reality.  Perhaps the American people want to “farm their farms” (to the extent any family farms are left), but if they are “suckered” into anything it is by their own government. 

The United States — that is that nation state that exists and acts by that name — is not dragged into crises but itself constantly creates crises by its own interposition, meddling and belligerence. 

Americans will continue to suffer the consequences of their government’s subservience to corporate interests and imperialist ventures until they disabuse themselves of isolationist down home aw shucks family farm fantasies.