• "God invented war so Americans could learn geography" -- Mark Twain.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Potemkin March

If anything, the events of the past week have demonstrated how the political class of Europe is a contemptible gaggle of frauds and whores.

We can begin with Francois Hollande's remarks, after the shooting, to the effect that France would stand courageous and free, face to face against the brutal attacks.    Volte face,

Ah yes!  The very image of valour!

Several days, the politicards of Europe rassembled on the streets to strike a United Front against Anti-Semitic Islamic Terrorism  (UFASIT).

How dauntless!   Chests to the front!  Faces to the air!  Braving the elements and defying those who would (as they had said) seek to make us afraid.  Non!  Non!  et toujours, Non!

How we wondered, could the two photographs be squared?   Had Hollande, like some slug turned butteryfly, metamorphosed from a man cringing behind beefy shoulders to a reincarnation of La Pucelle?  How could this be....?

All they needed was to hire stand-ins and stunt-men to do the walking.  

What a contemptible bunch of craven, hypocrites.   Nothing they say is worth the gum stuck on a sole.

And the pressitutes were no better.  Image after image on paper, tube and net, showed a phalanx of leaders walking at the head of what appeared to be a massive column of people, shoulder to shoulder and sidewalk to sidewalk  the length and girth of the boulevards.   Truly!  Truly!  Leaders and Led alike in common cause against The Them.

And it was all an empty facade;  a fraud dutifully perpetuated by our free and fearless press. 

As we have said elsewhere, this organized manifestation was a demagogic pep-rally aimed at stampeding the populace into accepting yet another round of "securitizing" in the so-called war on terror.   We hadn't thought it would be quite such an Orwellian farce.