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Friday, October 7, 2005


The News:
The Pentagon claims to have obtained a tactics letter from the deputy head of AL Qaeda. "In the missive, Zawahiri apparently warns tactics such as the killing of hostages and bombings of mosques may alienate the "Muslim masses," Pentagon spokesman, Mr Whitman, said." (BBC)

The Note: Oh sure. IslamoFundies run around blowing up mosques. If we apply the A=C rule, this means that it's the US which is behind the bombing of mosques. "


The News: In this letter [i.e. internal Pentagon memo], Whitman talks about believing that the eventual governance of Iraq must include the Muslim masses, and that they are at risk of alienating those," he [Whitman] told reporters. (BBC)

The Note: What Islamic "extremist" would not believe that the "eventual" government in Irak had to include "muslim masses"? Is this something a muslim would naturally and normally say? Would Bush say something like "eventually" any government in the US would "have to" include Christians?

What a lot of crap.

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