• "God invented war so Americans could learn geography" -- Mark Twain.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Getting Into (or Out of) the Axis of Evil

The News: An article in the Guardian by Richard Norton-Taylor claims that Bush told Blair, prior to the invasion of Iraq, that " he "wanted to go beyond Iraq in dealing with WMD proliferation, mentioning in particular Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan," The claim was based on the note of a telephone conversation between the two men on January 30 2003.) The article goes on to state that the US and Pakistan latter made kissie-poohs.

The Note: A number of people have pointed to Saudi Arabia as the Bete Grise of this whole affair. The oil connection seems to clinch it for this crowd. I myself have never believed it. While I have never been able to rule out some sort of oil-connection, I have always fingered Israel. That is the one hypothesis that is simplest and makes consistent sense.

This story further confirms my hypothesis. Saudi Arabia has never ceased to be within Zionist cross-hairs. One only has to recall the ruckus raised by the U.S. Jewish establishment against the sale of AWACs to that country. In contrast Pakistan's possession of nuclear weapons hardly gets a peep. One will notice that Pakistan has decided to recognize Israel and to engage in "dialog" and blah blah. In other words, Pakistan has been sufficiently neutralized (from the Israeli point of view).