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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

U.S. Claims Asserts Rights to Space and Cyberspace

The News: The US has released a report criticising China's military spending, and voicing concern over advances in space and cyberspace. China rejected the Pentagon report as a "serious distortion of facts" that could harm its relations with the US. "We do not pose a threat to any country. The US should drop its Cold War mentality," the foreign ministry said in a statement. In the report, Washington claimed that the real Chinese defence budget for 2007 was at least double the stated amount.

The Note 1: It never ceases to amaze how diligently the press works to cover Uncle Sam's shame. How come BBC fails to note that the U.S. military budget exceeds by several fold the Chinese and Russian military budgets combined ?

The Note 2: "Space and Cyberspace" -- where have we heard that phrase before? Indeed! in Billy Kristol's zio-con Project for a New American Century. The U.S. had to project its power and be prepared for the new battles in "space and cybespace". So what this means is that the U.S. is upset someone else might get a leg up into the U.S. owned ethers.

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