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Monday, March 3, 2008

Zionist Math

The Headline:
Israel: “No Moral Equation” Between Palestinians and Israelis

The News: Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livini called on the international community to support Israel’s actions. Said Livini: “The world should respect any action taken by Israel in order to defend its citizens. I would like to say that I cannot accept condolences saying that there are victims, both sides. Well, yes, there are victims both sides, but there is no moral equation between these terrorists who are looking for civilians to kill and between the Israeli soldiers who are looking for the terrorists.”

The Note: Nor is their any moral equation between a hand held stick of dynamite and a Jumbo Depleted Uranium Block Buster.... now is there? The United State has been totally moronized by AIPAC, but I wonder how long the rest of the world will continue to respect anything Israel does or palavers.

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