• "God invented war so Americans could learn geography" -- Mark Twain.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Delusions of Office

"Bigger nations must not be allowed to bully the small, or impose their will at the barrel of a gun or with masked men taking over buildings."

Yes, Obama really said that.   He made the remarks during  his tour of the Eastern Front... 

Apparently,  history (that is fact-based history) isn't taught at Columbia anymore.   The list of U.S. retaliations, punitive expeditions and invasions omits hardly a single year since 1776.   

Not atypical are entries such as: "1854 – Nicaragua: On July 9–15, naval forces bombarded and burned San Juan del Norte (Greytown) to avenge an insult to the American Minister to Nicaragua"

Many of the expeditions are cast in terms of hunting out "pirates" or "protecting American interests" -- you know, like Aunt Emma's suitcase or perhaps bananas....

The workers of the banana plantations in Colombia went on strike in December 1928. They demanded written contracts, eight-hour work days, six-day work weeks and the elimination of food coupons. The strike turned into the largest labor movement ever witnessed in the country until then.  The United States threatened to invade with the U.S. Marine Corps if the Colombian government did not act to protect United Fruit’s interests.   An army regiment from Bogotá was dispatched by the government to deal with the strikers, which it deemed to be subversive. The troops set up their machine guns on the roofs of the low buildings at the corners of the main square, closed off the access streets and after a five-minute warning opened fire into a dense Sunday crowd of workers and their wives and children who had gathered, after Sunday Mass... (Banana Massacre)
But that was nothing compared to McKinley's massacres in the Phillippines or the aggregate massacres in Guatemala, Nicaragua and San Salvador by U.S. trained death squads.

But is Obama really and truly that ignorant?  After all, it was masked Right Sektor men who took over the Ukrainian Parliament at the connivance of Obama's under-secretary of state, while Senator John McCain personally cheered them on.    And this was just three months ago. 

Of more interest than a tiresome rehash of U.S. global bullying is the proposition that Obama truly sees no contradiction.   He is not playing the hypocrite because his consciousness of contradiction has been erased from his mind.   Orwell tell us that

the truest believer of Big Brother's lies, is Big Brother himself.