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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Clown Act of U.S. Policy

Was it even a decent interval?  Two weeks after Obama’s vaunted “policy reset” in which he committed the United States to “partner with countries where terrorist networks seek a foothold,” the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria captured Mosul and came into control of a crescent of territory stretching from the outskirts of Aleppa (Syria) to the outskirts of Baghdad (Iraq).

A more contemptuous kick in the teeth was hard to imagine.  The U.S. satrap in Baghdad, Al-Maliki, set up a pathetic wail for help to which Obama replied, with impressive emphasis, that all options were on the table.

Ridi Pagiliacci.

Now, this blog was among the first to point out that the actual aim of U.S. “full spectrum” strategy is to promote degradation, destruction and chaos, so that what appear as ostensible failures in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are in actuality crypto-successes. 

This strategic objective flows from the stated premise of neocon policy “to prevent the emergence of potential rivals.”  The best way to prevent a man from becoming a possible rival is to break his legs as a child, deny him an education and get him addicted to drugs.  It’s brutal, simple and a form of genocide.

But sometimes a limp dick is just a limp dick and  Obama is reduced to blathering redundancies and pieties.  Since the U.S. has no stomach for re-introducing troops and since economic sanctions (oil) would be a boomerang in the face, the only “option” left is to drone and bomb the place to smithereens.  But we already did that.  There is a limit to how much you can pulverize; and in case anyone in Air Command has noticed, neither area bombing nor droning ever break the enemy’s resistance.

Oh... and to make matters all the more pathetic, the U.S. is all but back in bed with Arch-Foe, Demon Iran, Existential Enemy to Holy Israel whose cross-eyed moles were the anvil beaters who forged the preemptive belligerence which was the whoop and awe for the New American Century.

What we are seeing now is the fall which cometh after the prideEt dispersit superbos in mente cordis suis.