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Monday, August 25, 2014

Astigmatism in High Places

Justice Ruth Bader Ginzburg gave an interview the other day in which she lamented the goings on in Ferguson, Missouri.  She attributed the violence to social inequity and to ongoing electoral discrimination against Blacks which, she said, the Court’s recent decisions terminating Federal oversight of state voting procedures had only made worse.

For what it is worth, the Chipster Editorial Board, generally agrees with Justice Ginzburg’s stance on legal issues before the Court.  But does she truly  believe that the violence in Ferguson has anything to do with discrimination at the ballot box?

The riots in Ferguson are attributable to one thing and one thing only:  the militarization of the police that have become a lawless army of thugs who beat up and shoot down people at will and with impunity.

They do so as a result of Government policies which are have turned the country into a militarily occupied police state and to decisions of the High Court which have removed all constitutional restraints on the police.  It has nothing to do  with not being able to vote for the town mayor.

It is surprising that Justice Ginzburg can’t see the elephant standing before her.