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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let the Punishment Fit the Suspicion.

The New York Daily News reported that
 Israel blows up homes of 2 men suspected of kidnapping, killing 3 Jewish teens

"In a stunning display of payback, Israeli forces blew up the homes of two Palestinians suspected in the kidnap-killings of three Jewish teens —   The shocking crime set off the monthlong war that has left 1,976 Palestinians, mostly civilians in Gaza,....."

The article quoted an Army spokesman as saying that “The demolition of the terrorists’ homes conveys a clear message to terrorists and their accomplices that there is a personal price to pay when engaging in terror and carrying out attacks against Israelis.” 

A clearer message could not be sent that Israelis are barbarians and that the Daily News is constitutionally  tone deaf.

We have reached the point at which no one raises an eyebrow when punishment is inflicted without trial or proof and on a mere suspicion.   What next?  Execution on suspicion?

This is what happens when you "wage war"  in civil society.   No one questions killing someone on the field of battle "on suspicion" that he is the enemy come to kill you.  But civil society is not a field of battle and when it is, it ceases to be civil and descends into barbarism.

A clearer message could also not be sent about how prostrate, craven and brainwashed the U.S. media is by the zionist lobby.