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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Perverse Muslims Reject Bush Charity Initiative

The News: A U.S.-backed Mideast democracy and development summit ended in rancor Saturday despite adoption of two initiatives that are part of President Bush's push to expand political freedom in a region dominated by monarchies and effective single-party rule.

A draft declaration on democratic and economic principles was scuttled after Egypt insisted on language that would have given Arab governments greater control over charitable and good-government organizations . . . Many Middle East nations are wary of Bush's second-term democracy agenda in the region, and some organizations the administration has tried to engage are reluctant to take State Department funding.

U.S. officials said the sticking point was a passage that pledged "to expand democratic practices, to enlarge participation in political and public life and to foster the roles of civil society, including NGOs," and to widen women's political and economic participation.

Egypt wanted the statement to stipulate that non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, be "legally registered," under each country's laws, a requirement that U.S. officials said would defeat the purpose of the statement. Egyptian delegates left the gathering early, after discussions on the final statement broke off.

Non-governmental organizations is a term used by the State Department and others to describe both humanitarian aid organizations such as the Red Cross and lesser known groups that promote social and political agendas.

The Note: Actually, Them-Crazy-Muslim resistance becomes very understandable once it is recognized that "NGO" is a term used by the State Department to describe infiltrating US wedge organizations that do Fifth Column work. The only people unaware of this are denizens of the US who are fed newspap like that quotes.

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