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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Them Belligerent Ayraps

The News: U.S. papers have been carrying photos of outrage demonstrations in Jordan in reaction to the hotel bombings. The first photo was a close up of 4-5 men shooting with their fists raised in the air. But from the slice of background one could tell that it was a smallish group of no more than 15 in some parking lot. The second foto (this AM on CNN) was also a close up, of a smallish group, most of whom were obscured by a professionally drawn sign that said "JORDAN'S 9/11". A well-dressed, well-coiffed middle aged woman with a professionally painted Jordanian flag on her face stood adjacent to the sign. Although the "group" looked rather tranquil, the headline read "Hotel Bombs Spark Fury in Jordan"

The Note: Such contrived bullshit.

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