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Sunday, November 13, 2005

L'echo du Likud

The News:

The Note: Listening to Sarkozy it is hard not to hear the inimitable voice of the Likud. "Scum" "pressure blast" them out and deport them. Is it mere coincidence? It is clear that the protestors see him as the provocateur. So does the Conference of Bishops. The Left goes further and accuses zio-con "agents" of instigating the riots. At this point I would not put anything past Israel and its ziocons. But even assuming that no agents were at work, Sarkozy's talk and actions have all the "what me?" innocence of Sharon's tourism on the Temple Mount.

What do Sarkozy's masters want? To discredit Chirac's non-support of the Irak invasion, and to subvert liberties further by installing a "counter-terrorist" government in France; ie. one favorable to Israel, racially oppressive against "arabs" (the Jews equivalent to the Nazi's Jews) and, and, of course, hostile to anywone who looks askance at Jewish lies.

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