• "God invented war so Americans could learn geography" -- Mark Twain.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Map is Worth 1000 Words

For years we Chipsters have implored the U.S. mudia to print a map of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. We must have sent at least 10 chips to the Public Bullshit System's News Hour alone. Back in the 1990's when the Washington Post and the New York Times were blaring away that Arafat had "rejected" Israel's "magnanimous" offer neither of those august organs of disinformation bothered with a MAP. Of course, maps were available. They were just not made available to the American public.... all the more to keep it stupidly in Israel's corner.

Today the headlines from Palestine were much the same as always. Quoth the NY Times,

Palestinian Leaders Urge End to Talks With Israel

In an article by Ethan Bronner and Mark Lander it was explained to the rest of us that once again them stiff necked Arabs were refusing to speak to Israel... to an Israel that plaintively just wanted to talk.... for the sake of peace... and to talk some more... and some more

BBC also carried the story that the Palestinian were refusing to talk unless Israel ceased building settlements while the talks went on... and on... But lo and behold -- mirabilis dictu -- BBC also published a MAP:

Makes all the difference in the world, don't it?