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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mudia and the Mud

According to the Associated Press, the White House is now letting it leak that, in expectation of getting trounced in the November elections, Obama "will put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline, a nod to a nation sick of spending and to a Congress poised to become more Republican." ["Obama Likely..."]

As usual, the corporate mudia muddies the issue by not making clear which nation it has in mind. If the mudia means the "corporate nation" then, true enough, any spending on the poor, the unemployed, the sick, the young is just plain profligate! But if by "nation" the AP means the rest of us, the what the "popular nation" is sick of is spending to bail out banks and crooks -- but I repeat myself.

Worse than mudia mudification is Obambi's craven cowardice. A Quisling would have shown more gumption; and, in fact, Palestinian President Abbas has -- which is not saying much. After pre-emptively caving in to the Mitch McConnell and his gang of corporate slime within days of his inaugural and getting roundly kicked in the teeth for doing so, Obambi now says that he must crawl even more abjectly than before licking the boot of the Budget Balancers.

What kind of imbecile could have lived through the Clinton years and be in politics and not know that the Republicans are not interested in consensus. In fact anyone with a smattering acquaintence with America history realizes that they have never, never, ever been interested in reasonable consensus. They are rabid ideologues of corporate selfishness. The only time they ever raise a plaintive, pitiable cry for cooperation is when they are about to get trounced and the instant their opponent gives pause to consider they spring up from their hunched and meek position and stab him in the kidneys. Republicans are a moral and human putresence. How could Obambi not have known that?

If this is what Harvard does to the human brain, parents are advised to Save Their Children by sending them to some junior college which will at least leave their balls alone.

Of course Obambi was already licking the heel of the Social Security Doomsdayers, indicating that he is ever willing to "balance the budget" on the broken back of the old and the infirm, when, that is, he is not balancing it on the shoulders of the young, the jobless, the weak.

If Obama really wants to balance the budget GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

If Obama really wants to balance the budget CUT DEFENSE SPENDING.

If Obama really wants to balance the budget TAX THE RICH AT PROGRESSIVE RATES.

If Obama really really really wants to balance the budget he will increase productivity which will generate revenues; and the way to do that is to STOP INCENTIVISING THE EXPORT OF JOB AND CAPITAL OVERSEAS.

Yes, folks, although we at the Gazette have, the mudia will never tell you ; but American banks and corporations are currently rewarded for shipping production overseas and for NOT reinvesting the profits earned overseas back into the U.S. More and more, everything corporations do they do abroad. The only connection they have with the United States is a shadow office. The Republican claim that tax breaks will create jobs is a brazen cheat. It will create jobs, indeed, OVERSEAS.

What the Democrats need to do is pull the dildo out of their asses and start marching with determined fearlessness to the left in order to put some social sanity back into the country's political economy while there still is something worth being called a "country".

Oh for a party that had the courage to say: "We will march into the marble halls of Congress, bringing with us the revolutionary will of the broad masses from which we came, called by fate and forming fate. We do not want to join this pile of manure. We are coming to shovel it out!